pg电子赏金船长九个船长:Department of Economics

The department of Economics plays a key role in implementing the core concept of encouraging students to explore two academic emphases in addition to their major area of study. It is pivotal to research and teaching activities in the other liberal arts programs in the university. The department has taken full advantage of the strength of law education at CUPL. It is committed to developing future cross-disciplinary leaders who are well-versed in both economics and laws. It aspires to become the first-class program among the peers in China, as well as an internationally recognized program for professionals in economics.

Deng Da, Head of the Department of Economics
Professor, doctoral program supervisor, member of the Academic Degree Committee. She was a visiting scholar in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC - CH). Her research expertise is on market economy theories, industrial upgrading & sustainable development, and creative industries.